Boo! Halloween is coming up quick and chances are you probably don’t have a clue who you’re going to be. Luckily there is this amazing website called Amazon, (you might have heard of it) where you can buy costumes for much cheaper than Halloween stores. Not to mention free two day shipping.

Halloween stores are great and all, but the prices are usually ridiculous for something you’re only going to wear one night. So if you don’t have a costume yet, save yourself time and money by picking something on Amazon. I’ve got all the best options for you to be sexy, funny or classic. So here it goes, my top 10 Halloween costumes you can buy on Amazon 🙂

1. Nightmare on Elm Street ~ Miss Krueger 

This is a no brainer- not too sexy not too scary. Just a female version of a classic horror movie villain and my personal favorite costume. Not to mention probably the most comfortable. You might also be able to wear the dress after Halloween to a thanksgiving dinner party LOL. What?? It’s cute!

2. PB&J ~ The Cutest SO Costume

If you and your SO are thinking about teaming up this Halloween, you should stop your search now and go with the cute and cheesy PB&J sandwich. Pros: you will have a lot of space at a party, you won’t go hungry and you’ll get an awesome Instagram picture.

3. Egyptian Goddess cause God is a woman 😉

With this female power movement going on, and Ariana Grande’s amazing “God Is a Woman” song, sexy goddess is an excellent choice. Dominate the party in this woman power costume.

4. Why Not Be an Incredible

Because who doesn’t want to be an incredible… this is pretty original, I haven’t seen anyone dress up as an incredible. If you want to be a super hero but also dress conservative because you’re going to be with your family this Halloween, this may be a good option. Also, if you’re going to be all covered up, why not at least show off some curves and wear the flashy color red.

5. Sexy Skeleton

It’s spooky, it’s sexy, it’s comfy! Okay.. I don’t know about sexy. It definitely looks comfy. You can’t go wrong here. Embrace the true Halloween spirit and be a classic skeleton this year.

6. Classic Sexy Wonder Woman

There are a lot of wonder woman costumes out there- very tacky ones. This is a good quality sexy corset wonder woman costume with shorts included. If those count as shorts.

7. You could be darkness

Just blend in. If you’re going to be at the same Halloween party as your ex, I can think of no better costume.

8. Super super sexy, maybe a little too sexy, French Maid

Depending on your goal for the evening, this might be your best bet if you know what I mean. Honestly though if none of my choices have been sexy enough for you this will probably be the winner, and it’s a classic!

9. You could go cray and be a shark mascot

The polar opposite of the sexy french maid is the fuzzy shark. If none of the options above are bizarre enough for you, just go with the fuzzy shark. It’s scary yet… approachable. I mean, it’s fuzzy. Also it will most likely be cold on Halloween so you don’t have to worry about freezing in a skimpy outfit.

10. If you’re gonna be that person who doesn’t dress up, at least wear this

If you at least go with the shirt, no one can give you hell for not dressing up this year. Be a dinosaur dressed as a human and if anyone tries to tell you that’s not a costume, bit their head off 😉

So now that I’ve gone over all the best choices for Halloween this year, hopefully you’ve made your way over to Amazon and picked something out. If you wait much longer you’re going to get stuck with the boring cat costume… meaning you draw whiskers on your face and wear a black shirt and jeans and look super lame. Don’t be that girl!

10 Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Amazon

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