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Hello you, I’m Amy Farah and I’m excited to see you here! I am a 24 year old travel blogger and digital nomad currently based in Los Angeles. I truly believe traveling the world, learning about its wonders and having the freedom to work remotely, is the most precious lifestyle we can have. If you’re anything like me, you have an eye for beautiful things and you want to see every corner of this Earth. If that’s the case, we’re already friends.

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I started this blog to help you travel, discover the world, and work remotely so you have the freedom to do so. Living a traveler’s lifestyle is more possible than ever.

There is more to life than watching television on the couch every weekend and staying in one place forever. The world is beautiful, you are capable, and I’m here to guide you to that conclusion. The future of traveling and working remotely is already here for our taking.

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Switching Career Paths

Before beginning my blogging journey, I had been working in real estate since I was 18 and have never quite felt that it was the industry for me. Every day I would spend my free time browsing travel photos online of all the stunning countries in the world and dreaming of working remotely. I knew the path of a regular 9-5 in a business where it’s hard to be creative and even harder to take more than a two week vacation, wasn’t for me… and it’s probably not for you either.

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I built up the confidence to quit the 9-5 job lifestyle in December 2018, with a plan to be a successful remote business owner. I’m now making a full time income working remotely by doing digital marketing, blogging and various digital nomad type work! I finally have the freedom to explore the world and live a traveler’s lifestyle- and so can you! Browse around this site for some inspiration to take that leap of faith and follow your dreams. Live each day as if it were impossible to fail– because it really is if you give it all you’ve got. There is so much more to learn–

Cheers to life my friend!

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