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Hello you, I’m Amy Farah and I’m excited to see you here! I am a 20-something style and adventure writer currently living in LA. Through style and adventure life can be a thrilling experience every single day of your life. If you’re anything like me, you love shopping, you have an eye for beautiful things and you want to see every corner of this Earth.

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If this sounds like you, good news, because you’ve arrived at my blog and my mission and promise is to share everything I know about living an extraordinary life through incredible style and adventure.

I promise there is more to life than watching Netflix on the couch every weekend, dressing boring and staying in one place forever. The world is beautiful. You are gorgeous. I’m here to guide you to that conclusion.

I am constantly on the hunt for the most beautiful and fun things in life, exploring around my city and the world in style. I grew up living all over different parts of Los Angeles and am now living in Hermosa Beach.

I am your typical 20-something girl: happy, enthusiastic, loves fashion and has strong feelings of wanderlust. Living in a big city is living the dream, it’s a place where I can stimulate my eyes and mind with constant beauty. One of my favorite things to do is people watch, I like to observe all of their incredible outfits.

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Before beginning my blogging journey, I had been working in real estate since I was 18 and have never quite felt that it was the industry for me. Every day I would spend my free time browsing local stores and searching for the next fun thing to do. I worked in a real estate office next to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Every day on my lunch break, I would walk down Rodeo and window shop. Sometimes it went dangerously farther than that lol. Seeing all of the designers new collections and window displays was a huge inspiration. This alone would turn my boring day right back around to exciting. I knew the path of a regular 9-5 in a business where it’s hard to be creative, wasn’t for me.

young adult in a stylish outfit

Now I am working towards blogging full time, exploring the world in style and living my most extraordinary life. I feel so grateful and blessed that I found blogging. Sharing my style tips and adventure guides is just as exciting for me as shopping and traveling. Let’s keep living each day with style and adventure! There is so much to learn– Cheers to life my friend!

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