Hey, I’m Amy, 24 year old living in Los Angeles, and to sum things up around here, I am on a mission to help you find personal + financial freedom, while pushing you to travel + help the world along the way.


  1. By helping you start an online businesses (the ultimate freedom!)
  2. Helping you have an awesome mindset for insane levels of personal growth
  3. Providing you with inspiration to travel and connect with the world
  4. Pushing you to help the world by contributing to non-profits (every country needs our help!)

If you won’t give a dime out of a dollar, you won’t give a million out of ten million. ~ Tony Robbins

Me running around the lost city of Pompei, Italy
Soaking up some Ancient Greek wisdom

To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice – Elizabeth Gilbert

Switching Career Paths

Before beginning my online business journey, I had been working in real estate since I was 18 and have never quite felt that it was the industry for me. Every day I would spend my free time browsing travel photos online of all the stunning countries in the world and dreaming of working on a fulfilling business. I knew the path of a regular 9-5 in real estate where it’s hard to be creative and even harder to take more than a two week vacation, wasn’t for me… and it’s probably not for you either.

After reading several inspirational articles, I built up the confidence to quit the 9-5 real estate job in December 2018 with a plan to be a successful business owner by taking Sam Oven’s course.

Having a moment – in Santorini, Greece

After building up my business and successfully getting clients, I decided to quit my biz to mentor under Sam Ovens himself. (I was given the opportunity to be his personal assistant! Seriously.. I manifested that.)

Santorini Greece view
*My Fave Santorini Greece View*

DECIDE to make a change in your life and browse around this site for some inspiration. Take that leap of faith and follow your dreams- because that is what makes life worth living. Also, living is giving ๐Ÿ™‚

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