Napa Valley: wine haven for chic city folk. If you’d like to retreat to the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but drink wine (and watch grapes shrivel), do so at the Vineyards in Napa. Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere. But you’ll somehow feel connected to the city world since this is where they all come to escape.

Tunisia is an incredible country in the Middle Eastern region of Africa. It is quickly becoming a tourist attraction for its rich history, old culture and breathtaking sights. If you are interested in visiting Tunisia but are unsure of what to see and where to go, I put together a list of the seven best things to see in Tunisia while you’re there. Prepare yourself for an experience through one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

Every city has it’s own vibe, and man does Venice Beach have a unique one. Venice Beach, CA is the type of place where you’ll see artists and business people alike ride bikes along the boardwalk (a gorgeous curving sidewalk along the beach). It is one of the best places in LA to people watch, surf, shop and eat some incredible food. The activities here are endless if you love a good laid back beach.

La Paz is one of the most tranquil, breathtaking places in Mexico. Since it has somehow remained a low-key travel destination, the crowds are minimal and the nature is the center of attention.

I spent the trip with special people, relaxing on a boat as most people do who visit the area. Throughout the day we would pull off the main boat and onto the shore, stopping along the stunning Sea of Cortez beaches.  I could give you a great list of things to do like kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, fishing and all those great activities that we did, but the best things here are more of an experience.

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