If you haven’t been living under a rock this summer, you know that the most popular jewelry trend is a gold coin necklace. Even better yet, layering your necklace with other gold coin necklaces. It seems every blogger, celebrity and friend is wearing this gold coin trend.

There are several brands that have designed their own version of the necklaces and all are fabulous. Here is the catch, they are all pretty pricey.

If you are one of those girls (like me) who change up your jewelry frequently, you may not want to spend $100 on a necklace that you’ll only wear a couple of times. After hours of searching, there was only one shop I found that sells this trend at reasonable, everyday prices. Not only are the prices extremely affordable, the designs are gorgeous. 


Muse is a new jewelry brand that has all kinds of wonderful gold coin necklaces, several of them are $15-20 a piece. They are one of the few brands that sells several variations of the gold coin necklace for less than $20. Other brands like Reformation are selling similar necklaces for over $100 a piece.

Their quality is nice and heavy thank goodness (I can’t stand flimsy cheap feeling jewelry). They have a kind of artistic and historic theme to their coins and brand which makes it more fun and meaningful. The necklace I am wearing in the photo is the Virgin Mary coin necklace and I also own the Michael Angelo baby angel.

The necklaces at Muse are also a rich gold color that really brings out tan skin. Their quality is great and they look gorgeous when layering. I’ve already had several compliments on my necklaces and they’re always coming out with new styles on their website.

I hope this trend lasts forever because I’m absolutely in love. This is probably one of my favorite trends because dainty gold jewelry always looks great. Also, the gold coin look feels like you could go on an Indiana Jones excursion at any spontaneous moment.

Keep the Muse shop in mind if you’re thinking about buying a gold coin necklace or two. Channel your inner Indiana by all means- just don’t go spending hundreds of dollars trying to get the look when you don’t have to! Check out the Muse online shop and shop all the fun pieces you can buy under $20. Share below how you like the trend and if you found any pieces you love!

Where to Buy the Gold Coin Necklace Trend

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