When a good candle is lit, whatever space you’re in will transform into the most safe and welcoming place in the world. Nothing makes a home feel cozier than an incredible smelling and ascetically pleasing candle.

Since I burn through candles ridiculously quickly, I am always shopping for new scents and brands to try out. I go through candles so fast my recurring Christmas gift from friends is usually candles. No complaints there!

Since different candles can each set a unique tone in your home, I categorized all of my favorites into classic, designer and holiday. See below for the full list of marvelous candles!

Valuspa (The Anthro Classic)

If you have ever been to Anthropologie, half the reason you’re there is to smell all of their amazing candles! This is the brand that sweeps their entire store with fabulous smells that warm your heart. Why not actually buy a few and enjoy your home to the fullest. These are one of my go-to candles, they make my place smell incredible!

Fancy Designer Candles

If you’re a go big or go home type of girl and you’re going to really take your time enjoying a precious candle, you could splurge on one of these ultra fancy designer scents. Incredible aroma plus fancy jar… too amazing to handle. These also make fantastic gifts. Fancy and tasteful, candles are one size fits all!

When You Want It to Be Holiday Season Already

If you’re anything like me, when September/October rolls around you’re pretty much playing Christmas music and getting stoked for the holidays. Or, maybe you just love the holiday smells in your home (my favorite.) Here are some of the best holiday scents when you just can’t wait any longer!

A good candle will brighten your spirit and your home

Whether you’re a classic candle person, a chic designer girl or a holiday fanatic, these candles will truly warm up your home. All of these candles range in price so choose what is the right one for you. Let me know which brand and scent you go with! I know my next candle will be the mistletoe holiday scent! (Even if it’s still summer lol).

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