One of the most exciting compliments to get from strangers would have to be “wow you have flawless skin!” The incredible makeup tricks I am going to share with you will make that compliment a reality. These are the tricks to accomplish that “no-makeup, makeup look”.

With the help of these products, your face can be retouched in real life. The other good news- it only takes 15 minutes to apply these products, and they will transform your skin game!

1. Apply a Rosey Base Cream Under Your Foundation 

This is one of my biggest secrets right here: I apply a small amount (about a pea size) of the Chanel Le Blanc all over my face before I apply my foundation. This product is incredible, it gives the skin a really beautiful rose glow that brightens up the face like crazy. This is my main trick to looking like there is perfect photo lighting shining on my face 24/7. 

Make sure you apply it under your eyes and on your cheek bones, those are the spots you want to be the most illuminated. When the sun shines on your face it will highlight these spots the most. It’s also extremely light so you won’t notice it adding any thickness to your foundation. 

The makeup artist at Nordstrom who introduced me to this miracle product, said she uses it on a lot of models and celebs before a photoshoot- apparently it’s the best, (I obviously concur).

portrait of blonde young woman with flawless skin

2. Dab on the Miracle Eye Cream

The La Prairie cellular eye cream is a game changer. Not only is it wrinkle preventative, but it really plumps up the look of the eyes. Apply this cream generously and directly underneath your eyes and on your eyelids. I also like to add it to the highest points on my cheek bones. A more affordable alternative is the Philosophy Eye Cream, this also works great if you’re not ready to make the leap to La Prairie. I know it is pricey but it is worth the investment and lasts a long time!

Then apply foundation- you can use any foundation as long as it is light, nothing too thick or it will effect the look of the Chanel Le Blanc cream underneath. I like to use the La Prairie foundation on my face and underneath my eyes, it’s light on my skin but still effective and natural.

3. The Natural Contour Pro & Lighting Genius

Now that my base and foundation is done, I want to add some light contouring. Hence the word LIGHT.. people are going so crazy on their contouring it totally takes the natural out of your look.
If you want a natural contour look that just makes your skin look flawless this is it: Use the Hourglass ambient lighting pallet.You may not like it you prefer heavy and obvious contouring, but that is not the look you want if you’re reading this. The Hourglass lighting pallet is perfectly subtle, no one will know what your secret is.
The beige color on the left of the pallet apply all over you face. Apply it specifically on the forehead, the sides of the nose, and on the cheeks. The middle color on the pallet you can brush down the nose, underneath the eyebrows and on the top of the cheek bones. The bronze color on the right can be used as a regular bronzer on the cheeks. It can also be used to line your jaw.

To Sum It Up…

With these amazing products, you can achieve that flawless skin look you have always dreamed of! These are tricks several celebrities and models use to look radiant without packing on the makeup. Let’s recap on the three miracle products for flawless looking skin, swipe through the photos below for all three:
Let me know if you try these out and what fantastic results you see, would love to hear how they change your skin game!
Makeup Tricks for Flawless Skin
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