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There are so many incredible options out there it can be overwhelming. I have done my fair share of shopping so if you trust my opinion (which hopefully you do!) save yourself hours of soul searching and feel free to shop my faves as a practical and trendy resource list πŸ™‚

Fall Trend Faves

A statement coat and you’ll rule the world

scarves are the new jewelry

Incredible Beauty Products

A women without perfume has no future, pretty sure Chanel said that. This is my daily perfume, just a new classic what more could you ask for. Get a signature scent and make it this one.

You need a Base and a Foundation to build off of! You can’t go wrong with La Prairie but Clinique is my more affordable option- also fantastic!

Prevent those Future Wrinkles girl here’s some Cream – in total honesty, I have never tried that last one.. in the all white bottle. But it looks really cool. So I love it. (The other two are actually great I’ve used both!)

He Makes me Blush & Contour

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

Charming Interior Decor

Much Needed Travel Equipment





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