Every city has it’s own vibe, and man does Venice Beach have a unique one. Venice Beach, CA is the type of place where you’ll see artists and business people alike ride bikes along the boardwalk (a gorgeous curving sidewalk along the beach). It is one of the best places in LA to people watch, surf, shop and eat some incredible food. The activities here are endless if you love a good laid back beach.

I went with my boyfriend James and his family on a yacht in La Paz, Mexico through the Sea of Cortez. Honestly I had no idea what to expect. I also had no idea how luxurious it was going to be.. the yacht had a private chef who prepared fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Like fresh coffee, omelette, fruit, you name it. There were several crewman running the operation, preparing the jet skis, dinner set-ups and taking you around on the little boat to different islands for activities. I could give you a great list of things to do like kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, fishing and all those great activities, but the best things here are more of an experience.

We all have favorite colors we are drawn to, and we are drawn to them for a reason. The colors you wear define your personality! It is one of our main forms of self expression. Think about your wardrobe and what colors you are constantly picking out. Anyone here who has all black in their closet? Do you think that is just a random coincidence your ENTIRE closet is black? After some thorough research on the psychology of colors, I decided to apply my research to fashion and see what colors really say about us.

Mom’s are just like us, they love shopping, feeling loved and looking beautiful! Mother’s Day is a day for appreciation, and showing that appreciation through gifts πŸ™‚ Here you will find the greatest Mother’s Day gift ideas, and rest assured know they will all make her feel special.

I believe the best gifts come in pairs, (it’s always awkward to wrap one item) so I have created a list of my ten favorite gift combos for Mother’s Day.

Scarf & Candle

There is something about this gift combo that truly warms the heart and represents love! Even though Mother’s Day is right before Summer, that doesn’t mean a scarf and candle won’t be fantastic. Think summery scarf and a beautiful fruit scented candle.

Dress & Earrings

You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous dress. Since Mother’s Day is approaching Summer, a gorgeous Summertime look will be perfect for mom’s all over the world. Pair a flattering dress with some adorable hoop earrings to match and you’ve got a winner. Out of all my Mother’s Day gift ideas, this one takes the cake for my mom!

Accent Pillows & Throw Blanket

Home decor gifts are great for Mother’s Day, especially accent pieces. A stylish pillow and throw set is the perfect way to add your touch of love into your momma’s home. Most mom’s don’t need more excess items and junk, so if you go this route, I suggest really quality pieces. This gift pair is taking the more pricey route, but well worth it! I love the pastel pink sets πŸ™‚

Chic Blouse & Necklace

This is a classic gift combo for a reason. Everyone needs more beautiful tops (especially mommies) and necklaces are the easiest go-to jewelry. This pair looks gorgeous together! The top has several summer elements and the necklace truly adds the cherry on top of the look. Plus, it can be worn with anything!

Eye Creme & Lipstick

Mom’s love anti-wrinkle eye cream, even us 20-somethings use it as a preventative! As long as it’s Chanel, I can guarantee this to be a fantastic gift and something your mom will use daily. I know I would. This pairs perfectly with the lipstick. The lipstick adds the beauty and glamour after the cream, we need balance!

I feel confident your mom will be in love with any of these choices! For my mom, I think she would like the dress and earrings best πŸ™‚

Let’s review all of my Mother’s Day gift ideas once more, and remember they’re all pairs of two gifts!

  1. Scarf & CandleΒ 
  2. Dress & Earrings
  3. Accent Pillows & Throw Blanket
  4. Chic Blouse & Necklace
  5. Eye Cream & Lipstick

I think my mom has played a huge role in my life as an amazing person, a great role model, and of course a great style icon that I will always admire. Always treat your mom like royalty. If there is anytime to spurge, it should be on Mother’s Day. Let this list save you hours of time searching for the perfect gift! I’d love to know which of the five pairs you go with! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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