Slacks and button down shirts may seem boring, but there are ways to easily style up your work outfit. Many of us feel like we can’t dress stylish because we need to dress professional- and if we want to grab lunch with a friend on a week day or meet friends for happy hour, we won’t feel good with the outfit.

When there is no time to go home and change, there are always ways to transform your simple professional self into fun and stylish self. These tips may seem simple but it’s the little things that make a look!

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

First trick when you’re stuck with that meh office wardrobe- focus on your shoes! No one is going to tell you you can’t wear fantastically stylish shoes to the office. (Unless you have a psycho jelly boss..) Of course you still want to be comfortable walking around the office- so what is the best thing to wear?

Stick with a lower heel and wear open toe shoes, this will instantly make the outfit fresh, younger and more transformable when you leave the office. 

Choose bold colored shoes. Red shoes are great for distracting people from the rest of your outfit lol. My red Sam Edelman mules are a staple piece in my closet, I wear them with a lot of my professional looks as well as my casual street looks. When you’re getting ready to leave the office, you’ll be happy you didn’t need to bring a change of shoes. 

Consider wearing stylish sneakers to the office, comfortable and fabulous 😉 I do it all the time. Then you can REALLY take to the streets after work.

Play Around with Button Downs & Layers

You probably see a button down collared shirt and it feels like someone hit the snooze button in your brain. Don’t just associate button downs with a boring work outfit! In reality, (or at least in the reality of fashion), button downs are incredibly adjustable and chic. Tie the bottom of the shirt around your waist in a knot when you step out of the office- and cuff up your sleeves.

Try to pick out button downs with unique designs to make it even more fun. This particular top has shoulder cut outs which is stylish and unique without being “office inappropriate”. Another way to transform your look is by wearing a thin strap dainty tank top (my favorite is the body piece from reformation below) with a cardigan or button down over it.

With the tank and cardigan look, when you step out for lunch you can throw off your cardigan and now you have a chic dainty lunch look going on.

Shapley Slacks are a Must

When paired with fun bold pieces, slacks can be transformed into a daytime or evening look- especially when paired with that dainty tank trick I discussed above. It is important that the slacks themselves are fitting and rock your body.

When I leave the office I like to cuff up the bottom of my slacks, this shows a little bit of leg and also shows off your colorful shoes. One of the best and most affordable brands to buy stylish slacks is Express. I picked out their best looks!

Have fun with what is in your closet, do what you can with what you have! There are many ways to wear one thing, get creative and have fun mixing looks. No one said you have to dress boring- never underestimate yourself in your work attire!

Transform Your Work Outfit to Street Style

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